SPA Chameleon

​Hospitality Design

Year 2018

SPA Chameleon, located in Shenzhen, is designed for people to experience tranquility in the day and excitement at night, away from their hectic daily life. As the light changes from ambient to colorful, the experience of the SPA changes too.


Hot Spring



AXO Diagram


Infinite Pool

Parking Lot

Floor Plan



Locker Room




Pavilion Design

Year 2018

Vandome is a Pavilion design outside the Spa Chameleon, inspired by chameleon cell structures which enables it to change colors by tuning the distance between nanoscale crystal in their skin. The column in the middle acts as a seating area for people to to keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This is done through the thermal pipes underneath the surface of the columns


Vandome emits colorful light to attract people to enter. The layers of Double-dome structure enables rotation. when the door isn't matched, the colors will change from colorful light to ambient light.

Rotation Demo


Investigating a constantly evolving eco-cultural-material system to imagine and then re-imagine specific and ubiquitous spaces that can be transported, transformed, hooked up, exchanged, etc.

Research & Inspiraton From Pod, Cell, and Signal

3D Modeling

Photos of Model

Mood & Feel

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