School Hologram

School Design

Year 2018

School Hologram is a Futuristic school designed for students who study icebergs. it projects Holographic images, courses, lectures, and creatures on the air to help students and guests study the ecosystem in glacier. Holographic images can be seen from multiple different spaces in order to encourage sharing of the information and participating in the event.

Floor Plan (Done by Revit + Rhino)

RCP (Done by Revit + Rhino)

Site Map

ICE Café

Commercial Design

Year 2018

Inspired by icebergs in the South Pole, ICE Cafe brings awareness of the environmental issues of the melting glaciers. Having the furniture such as ceiling, chairs, and light fixtures metaphor the shape of icebergs, people can experience being surrounded by glacier. ICE Cafe serves beverages with a transparent melting sculpture made by ice.

Coffee render 1.jpg

Café Rendering


Dessert served in the Café

Floor Plan


Inspiration & Research

Iceberg has multiple surfaces and angles that are transparent or translucent. The color of the nature and surrounding environment reflects out of this form and generate beautiful colors. Bringing this idea to the school, it leads to think of the possibility of Creating transparency and visibility among spaces. In this form of structure, students can sense other students’ creations.


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