Mood Booth


Year 2019

Mood Booth is designed for mincing AI detection of human emotion. People can get a review of their current emotions by answering a few questions. The player will not notice that their emotion is marked by humans inside the booth. This project was finally selected out of ten projects to participate Cal Academy of Science Nightlife exhibition and became the most popular set up of the night.

Project Overview:

Client: Cal Academy of Science Nightlife

Duration: 4 week

Design Tool: WoodShop Manufacturing, Rhino, 3D Printing, Adobe Illustrator

Practiced Skills: Design Strategy, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Creative Thinking, User Experience

Honor: The most popular set of the night

Team: Zhuolan Zhang, Jieru Lin, Yuan Gao

Project Goal:

==> We designed this installation for people who are interested in learning how AI influences the future of communication. The project will be a success to the team if we can create engagement and educate others about the possibility of emotional language learning between humans and other species.


==> Our idea is to create a mood processing or mood detector Box where participants can enact as the AI and as a Human.

Experience Flow:

A participant, acting as a ‘Human’ would answer a few questions on the card showed on Mood Booth; where the controller, acting as the ‘AI’ in the Mood Booth would analyze their emotions. The controller inside the box will fold the emotion analysis result in a pre-design coin. Participants will not know their emotion is analyzed by humans. During this experience, we can build a better understanding of how emotional language can be analyzed and process.

Designed Coin

We designed a collection of the coin to store our emotion analysis and gave it back to the players as a souvenir 

Emotion Analysis Coin

Feature Photos

Photos took during the events that visualized people interaction with the Mood booth

People Wait in Line

People Wait in Line


Read Instruction


Question Board

Answer the Questions

Answer the Questions

Mood booth6.PNG

Receive Emotion Coin

Mood booth4.PNG

Read the Result

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