Selected Projects --- Studio

Night center.png

SPA Chameleon

​Hospitality Design

Year 2018

SPA Chameleon, located in Shenzhen, is designed for people to experience tranquility in the day and excitement at night, away from their hectic daily life. As the light changes from ambient to colorful, the experience of the SPA changes too.


School Hologram

School Design

Year 2018

School Hologram is a Futuristic school designed for students who study icebergs. it projects Holographic images, courses, lectures, and creatures on the air to help students and guests study the ecosystem in glacier. Holographic images can be seen from multiple different spaces in order to encourage sharing of the information and participating in the event.

Artboard 1_edited.png

Atlas Hotel

Hospitality Design

Year 2017

Located in San Francisco, Atlas Hotel varies spatially in size, height, and color to create a unique experience of entertainment. The hotel hosts a new type of art-centric lifestyle to attract tourists as a major destination for travelers

kitchen 1.jpg


Residential Design

Year 2017

Visible is a residential project that is designed for a married elderly couple in their 60’s with a two-year-old grandchild. For this audience, the number of open spaces are maximized, which ensures constant visual contact. This is inspired by the openness of forests.

School Projects --- Patterns & Forms 



Pattern Design & Make

Year 2017

A collection of pattern designs includes fabric design, textile design, texture design, sculptures.



Ceiling Design

Year 2017

Afterglow is a ceiling panel designed for a multi-functional space for meetings and events. Inspired by the afterglow of San Francisco, this panel imitates the atmospheric effect by using strings and acrylic. 


Graffiti in 3D

Art Project

Year 2016

Graffiti in 3D is an art project which seeks to interpret graffiti-art through an interior design lens. through 3D modeling in Rhino and physical models, it allows the design to explore spatial possibilities.

Works --- Sozo Studio Closets



Internship ---- Sozo Studio

Year 2018 Summer

Profile is a full-height closet that merges the use of dressing table and closet in a high-end apartment. Carrying through the idea of minimalism, the continuous seams are pivotal in highlighting the volume of the closet. This project has been built in 2018.


Floating Closet

Internship ---- Sozo Studio

Year 2018 Summer

Floating Closet is a walk-in closet using wall-hang rod to maximize the use of the space. It hides delicate clothing such as dresses, socks, hats, and exhibits frequently used items such as purses, nickles, and jackets.

Others --- Versatile Skills

finish one with guide line_edited.jpg

Hand Drawing

Drawing & Painting

Year 2016


Visual Inventory

Photos Collected by Daily Observation

Year 2016

Life is fleeting and in this fast-paced society, it would be a pity to not notice the beauty that surrounds us. John Pawson’s book “A Visual Inventory”, inspired Leo Zhuolan Zhang to observe his surroundings in a way that he has never experienced before. These images are a collection of his Visual Inventory. Each image is paired based on light, texture, and color.