Final Pitch


Entrepreneurship Learning

Year 2018

Hatch is a peer-to-peer skills-exchange platform designed to create a more collaborative and conducive learning environment for students by encouraging them to help one another. It is a platform and encourages openness and collaboration in learning, so everyone can learn, grow and share with one another.

Project Details

Experience the built of a start-up, and through that, understand how business functions in order to be a more effective designer. It is a team project which lasts a semester long. During the process, The idea pivoted several times resulted from the feedback from the potential customers.

Approach & Learning:

Steve Blank’s Customer Development process, Lean Start-up, market research, branding, recruiting, interviewing and synthesis, final pitch, Presentation, Accounting, Collaboration.


Students are constantly learning new things and often encounter hiccups in the process. They try to figure it out on their own but to no avail because problem-solving alone isn't the most effective way.


1. Help students expand their connections

2. Create opportunities for students to learn from each other.


1. Suggested Peers 

2. Chat - Contact your Peers/ Schedule Time

3. Profile - Set learning goal

Process of Design

1. Interview

2. Poster in the School

3. Gathering Sign-up & Concept Validation

4. Prototyping the Experience

5. Testing our Assumptions

6. Design based on Insight

7. Final Pitch

Photos of Process

It was the most successful teamwork which all the founders dedicate to the completion and success of the project. Here are the joyful moments which records collaboration of the team.