Social Engagement

Year 2019

Capsule is a social engagement project that engages strangers on the street to participate in a designed interaction. The participants write down words and wish for the future of themselves and save them in a glass bottle. The message will be sent out through email as the date they wish to be received.  

Project Overview:

Duration: 4 week

Practiced Skills: Interaction Design, Visual Design, Creative Thinking, Social Engagement

Team: Zhuolan Zhang, Roy, Shuyue

Research of Transitory Space (Train Station): 

People are constantly moving in and out of the station, and this station is usually used by different kinds of people. Gathering information from this vast variety of people would benefit our project.

Area of focus:

==> Communication, To discover people’s thought about their future

Description of flow:

1. Prepare for the bottles to shore people's wishes

2. Gather around, invite people to write down something on the sticky note collect it

3. Put people’s notes into the bottle. We will give them the message back as they wrote on the bottle.

4. Place for the engagement: King st Station, SF

Our Goal:

Bring joys to a community, let people write down their wishes, worries, loves, etc in a bottle. This is going to be a message to the future self for the subject who is engaging. We will deliver this message back to them.

Feature Photos

The key process photos about the Capsule social engagement at King St Train Station

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