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Black Hole

Social Platform

Year 2020

Black Hole is the award-winning student competition project hosted by Adobe College + MTV Creative Jam. Our challenge is to design a mobile app that empowers an individual to encourage advocacy among their network by sharing.

Project Overview:

Client: Adobe MTV

Duration: 1 week

Design Tool: Adobe XD

Practiced Skills: Wireframing, Prototyping, Visual Design, Creative Thinking

Award: 2nd Place

Team: Zhuolan Zhang, Xiujie Bi

Design Challenge:

==> Design a mobile app that empowers an individual to encourage advocacy among their network by sharing and give them tools encouraging volunteerism and action.

Competiton Overview:

340 teams

10 finalists

Five grand prizes

Design Process:

Group Meeting:

Since it was a seven-day duration competition, we quickly defined existing problems to fix. we made decisions and stick to our direction.

Define Customers & Goals:

Based on the problems, we defined our user groups and wrote a statement to guide our design

Design the user flow:

We started wireframing and prototype on the second day and proposed ideas with sketches. We finally decided on a compelling one to move forward. 

Iterate Visual Design:

We iterated the visual of the design and make it fun and memorable to use.

Project Overview

Given only three days to brainstorm, ideate, and create an app prototype from scratch, we were proud to be one of the ten finalists, gaining a chance to showcase our app to everyone. After presenting in the virtual finale event to the judges from MTV and Adobe, our team got second place out of 350 teams

MTV Background

When MTV launched in 1981, the network changed the world of music and pop culture. As a leading brand in youth entertainment and culture, MTV showcases the importance of dynamic visuals in music and pop culture, opens doors for diverse genres, launched the modern reality television show format, disrupted the notion of celebrity, and curated the voice for emerging generations. Music, pop culture, and historical events have served as landmarks to our life’s moments and childhood memories. Songs, movies and TV, and popular trends have strong connections to cultural milestones, and sharing them helps us tell stories related to interests and meaningful causes in our lives. Draw on that passion to empower individuals to do good and bring light to their favorite causes, from their mobile phones.


Young people are willing to express their thoughts on current cultural events and historic movements, however, they may be hesitant to do so because of the worries of being wrong or their opinions don’t align with those of others. Black Hole is a platform that encourages an individual’s advocacy among their community and brings together strangers who are interested in similar topics to talk and discuss in real-time. They will also have a chance to discover new and talented musical artists and educational podcasts. Every voice matters in Black Hole. Only by listening to each other can we better understand each other in relation to our community.


We’re targeting young people who are interested in exploring and supporting their community and are ready to practice their social advocacy.


1. Practice social advocacy (social group discussion feature)
Encourage speaking up about one’s own opinion (anonymous entry)

3. Promote community (invite to volunteer, donation, events)
Draws attention from young people (music playlist, live videos, stories)
Help young people to bond a trustful relationship (add friends and share blog)

Anonymous Conversion User Flow

1. Randomly pair up with strangers In a room (anonymously)
2. Topic Holder Introducing the topic, or share their thought at the beginning
3. Next people speaking(running clockwise)in round
4. Free talk section(total talking session will be 30 mins)
5. At the end you can ask anonymous to unhide their account and make a friend

Feature Highlights

A set of demo video for Black Hole

Hover to start the demo

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