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Introducing a unique sense of style and personal taste to encourage social interaction through minimal and colorful space and designing a unique experience to bridge human connection. 


I am interested in the intersection of human behaviors and interior design and pursues to design spaces for the future of social interaction. Interior spaces are not only a shelter of comfort but also a catalyst that shapes people's behaviors and activities.

Do you feel tired looking at the screen for the endless day? Yeah, I am sure you do. There are gaps/ opportunities to build interaction between the physical world and the virtual world! My design is to achieve this goal!

I design web experience, physical experience of spaces & events, timeless high-end interiors, concepts, and graphics. Moreover, I conducted research to support my ideas and hypothesis. I am also a multi-task problem solver and a creator with an entrepreneurial mindset.

If you are interested in my experience, I would love to talk!

Tel: 917-821-8579

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