Leo Zhuolan Zhang introduces a unique sense of style and personal taste to encourage social interaction through minimal and colorful interiors.


Leo Zhuolan Zhang is interested in the intersection of human behaviors and interior design. He pursues to design spaces for the future of social interaction. Interior spaces are not only a shelter of comfort, but also a catalyst that shapes people's behaviors and activities. During his education in California College of the Arts as an Interior Designer, Leo was immersed in an open and collaborative environment where established his interest in the future of living and interactions. He also took up courses from Interaction Design such as Creative Founder (entrepreneurship learning) and Design Strategy to understand the importance of creating human connections and effective and reasonable decision making. His dialectic way of thinking helps him think comprehensively for spaces, human interactions, and experiences.


Leo always takes in others’ advice and enjoys building up ideas with other designers as he believes that collaboration will lead to better results. He prefers winning as a team than winning individually. Leo weighs and respects the advice of people in the design group. In his words, every issues and dilemma can be solved through patience, understanding, and respectful dialogue.


In interior spaces, beauty balanced with functionality is key to assist people to live better. His work experience at Sozo Studio built his understanding of manufacturing, client needs, and design process. With strong passion and skills, he is able to bring his design visions into reality.


Tel: 415-535-9921